Modern life and obesity.

Mar 10, 2020

A large number of people who are overweight or obese also manifest a feeling of failure and guilt that limits the development of their activities with fullness. On the one hand, there is a mistaken impression that thinness is synonymous of success. It’s an implicit message in the advertising bombardment that we receive daily through various media, so it’s easy to question whether in our physical condition we ourselves are. While, on the other hand, not possessing a figure at least close to the strict standards of beauty will be associated with laziness and lack of character.

It is worth clarifying to everyone that a series of events and factors that occur around us make us easy targets for these diseases; overweight and obesity, and the emotional discomfort that accompanies them.

The WHO defines obesity and overweight as the abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that can pose a risk to health. It’s been cataloged as the pandemic of the 21st century and it reflects on what have been the causes of the excessive growth of the population with these diseases.
It would be limiting for their study to suppose that the lack of will or discipline of the individuals is enough to reach these high universal levels, for which in the globalized observation they are listed in the first positions; the demands of modern life and the irresponsibility of the food industry.

Quickly recapping about an ordinary day; how much time do you dedicate to mandatory activities before leaving home? How much time do you spend moving from one place to another? Then comes the time in which we remain in one place sitting fulfilling various responsibilities, reducing the amount available to buy, prepare and even eat our food. Time has become a precious possession so we will choose the options that help save it as much as possible.
Now, if we took care of counting the number of advertisements dedicated to junk food in an hour of open television; the businesses in our journey that offer products of low nutritional quality for sale; the foods high in sugar and / or fat present in our work or living areas might surprise us. All of them easily and quickly accessible, which goes hand in hand with our hurried daily activities.

It seems that eating healthy has become an activity of high performance and creative demand.
Without a doubt, it’s important that among all the factors that influence the over intake of foods of low nutritional value, you take responsibility for your role in the care of your integral health and get involved, oriented towards education and the daily effort that this requires, supported by specialists on the subject that will help you reach the goals that you set for yourself, with the main purpose of feeling in harmony with your body, comfortable, capable and satisfied.

Thinness is not a source of happiness, health is a reflection of it.

Psico. Carolina Guillén M. 

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